How to Create a Toddler First Aid Kit for Your Diaper Bag

If you have a toddler running around, then you know that they are highly accident prone.

So it is pretty crucial to always have a little first aid kit on hand.

Toddler First Aid Kit Checklist

I typically have one in the car, one in my diaper bag and one in my kitchen. I prefer making my own little first aid kits as the pre-made ones are just standard and not necessarily toddler-friendly.

Personalizing your own first aid kit for your toddler is easy and it doesn’t have to cost very much. We just need some fun pattern band-aids, some simple supplies that will make them feel better after allergic reactions, bumps and bruises and a few other necessities.

Below is a list of the essential first aid kit supplies that we recommend you pop together for your diaper bag. Here is a list of the top backpack diaper bags currently on the market.


First Aid Kit for Toddlers Checklist

First Aid Kit for Toddlers

1. Adhesive bandages 

Since your toddler will get a bump or bruise here and there, you should always keep adhesive bandages in your first aid kit. These bandages will help to cure all wounds. Choose character band-aids with their favorite superheroes which will help to make them feel invincible … they also offer better healing ability (well in the toddler’s eyes anyway).

You might want to get bandages in different sizes, as well as some butterfly bandages for deep cuts. Gauze pads are super helpful for scrapes and wounds that are larger in size. And grab some first aid tape whilst you are at it.

2. Disposable Instant Ice Pack

Ice packs are brilliant for bumps. We love these instant ice packs that you can use and then throw away. Grab at least one for your little kit.

3. Hand Sanitizer

These are for you of course.  Make sure your hands are super clean before you start touching the wound. We love the small packets of hand sanitizer rather than the gel bottles that take up more space and could make a mess.

4. Saline Spray and Bulb Suction Device

Although you may have to fight with your toddler to suck mucus from their noses, it’s an essential part of your first aid kit to have a bulb suction device. If they have a very stuffy nose the saline spray and bulb suction will relieve them of any breathing issues, especially so they can sleep better.

5. Ear Thermometer

Don’t play guessing games when it comes to temperature. You really need to have decent thermometers around that you can use. We love ear thermometers for our toddler. They will give you an accurate reading and we just find that they are much easier to use than the oral ones.

6. Antibacterial Creams

Antibacterial creams can be bought at the local pharmacy. The standard creams that we have grown up with are still great to use for their cuts and scrapes. You might also like to try out the popular Neosporin Wound Cleanser For Kids. I do find it easier to spray something over cuts and bruises rather than trying to deal with a screaming child as I smear cream on the wound.

If you need a stronger antibacterial cream you’ll need to get a doctor’s prescription for Bactroban or Bacitracin.

7. Fever and Pain Relieving Medication

The most popular types of fever and pain medication for children are Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin. However, it is always ways to check in with your doctor to see which brand and type they recommend for your little one.

8. Benadryl

If your child has a series of allergic reactions throughout the year it’s best to have benadryl in your first aid kit. Benadryl, also known as Diphenhydramine, will help to reduce their allergic reactions. Also like Children’s Motrin and Tylenol the given dosage is based on their weight. Pop into your local chemist to get some in syrup format suitable for your toddler.

9. Measuring Syringe

Make sure that you have a measuring cup or syringe that can be used to accurately give them carefully measured out dosages of medicine when needed.

Do you struggle to give medicine to your toddler? Did you know that you can buy a special pacifier that allows you to syringe medication straight into the pacifier? We think they are brilliant. Check out more details on this super cool product here.

10. Calamine Lotion

Lastly, because your toddler will get rashes and itches, calamine lotion will help soothe them of these skin ailments. Calamine lotion can be used for any skin irritation especially ones such as bug bites, poison ivy rashes and more.


Grab an Empty First Aid Bag

We love to grab some empty first aid bags to pop all of our goodies into.  You can find them for pretty cheap on Amazon. 


Or Purchase a Pre-Made First Aid Kit

Does all this sound too tricky? You can get some great kids-friendly first aid kits on Amazon.  Here are some great buys. 

Making a first aid kit with all of the right essentials are easy. Whether or not your toddler is active, you will still need one for their vulnerable little bodies. Hopefully this article will help get you started on making your own customized first aid kit for your precious little one.