Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Bag Review | Great Compact Sized Bag!

Every parent knows one thing about babies – they’re unpredictable.

Any long trip can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t have all the necessary things with you.

Luckily, there is the FastFinder Dome Fisher Price Diaper Bag Backpack. Small, light and convenient, this bag is unusually spacious for its size and provides very easy access to all the pockets, so you can quickly pull out diapers, or anything else you need.

It really is one of the best bags on the market if you are after something smaller and more compact in size.

Watch the short Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Bag review of the top features in this video below!


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The Bottom Line

Fisher Price Diaper Backpack is a sound and affordable investment for those who are after compact sized diaper bags. Small in size but quite spacious, you will be able to fit plenty of baby items inside it, and the strategically placed pockets will offer fast access to your supplies, in case of a baby emergency.

Pros: Quality design, plenty of room despite size, easily accessible and strategically placed pockets, breathable material and handy pacifier pocket.
Cons: A little smaller than similar backpacks, the bottle pocket is also a little bit less voluminous than on similar models.


In-depth Expert Review of Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Bag 

Are you still questioning whether the Fisher Price Nappy Bag is the right bag for you?

Keep reading to find even the more detail about its storage capacity, weight, quality, design and more in this expert Fisher Price Diaper Bag Backpack review.



Needless to say, a nappy bag is not only supposed to be functional, but it’s got to have a little bit of style to it. Well, the Fisher Price Bag is one devilishly handsome backpack. It hasn’t been made obtrusive through wild color combinations but made very elegant with simple basic colors of brown, black and grey. With such attention to style, it is easy to figure why the Fisher Price Fastfinder Backpack Diaper Bag is so popular among parents.

Fisher Price Brown Diaper Bag

Fisher Price Black Diaper Bag

Fisher Price Grey Diaper Bag

Storage Capacity and Ease of Use

But style can only go so far as to grab your attention – it is the function that defines a good diaper backpack. The Fisher-Price backpack diaper bag is incredibly spacious for size and has lots of very subtle pockets. The side pockets have enough space to accommodate diapers for an entire day, and the main compartment is roomy enough to fit three or four sets of clothes if the baby requires a change.  The bottle pockets are a little snug for our liking, but you can fit in bottles and sippy cups or various sizes regardless.

All the pockets are made very easy to access, thanks to the very high-quality quick-opening zippers. The seams at the zippers are trimmed to a size where they won’t be caught by the zippers, which adds much convenience when going for the items in the bag.

There is also a quick-access wet wipe pocket with a hard lid that opens and closes promptly and without much hassle.

My favorite feature is those adorable little tags on the Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Bag Backpack, that tell you what each pocket was designed for!  Brilliant!



Comfort is an important feature of a bag, as chances are, you will be carrying it around a lot. This Fisher Price Baby Bag is quite gentle on your back and shoulders. The material is very breathable, so your back wouldn’t be all sweaty from carrying it for a prolonged period, and is also padded, so if you have some hard objects, they won’t poke you.

In addition, the wide shoulder straps on the Fisher-Price Nappy Backpack ensure that the weight is distributed evenly. If you’re going to carry a lot of stuff in the bag, this will be of great help, as you won’t experience pain and discomfort when carrying it. The pockets are also strategically placed to distribute weight even better, again making the whole bag more comfortable.

Lastly, a ‘must-have’ feature for us is those nifty stroller straps!  So when the shoulders get tired, you can easily hand your Fisher Price Changing Bag securely from your baby stroller.



The Fisher-Price Fast Finder Bag has a lot of pockets and compartments where you can place the necessities for your baby.

Here is a short list of all the things Fisher Price Baby Backpack includes:

  • Lined bottle pocket with an elastic mesh.
  • Two side pockets intended for diaper storage.
  • Four pockets marked by contrasting color shades for easy recognition.
  • Wet wipe dispenser with a hard plastic lid.
  • Open pouch for phone, tablet, keys etc.
  • Pocket for a pacifier
  • Stroller Straps


Wondering what to pack in your Fisher Price Backpack Nappy Bag?

Print off your free diaper bag checklist now!



A bag should be made to last, and the Fisher Price diaper backpack bag is sure made to endure lots of punishment.

A nylon construction makes the backpack incredibly sturdy and resistant to ripping, and the zippers are all made of high-quality metal to ensure they won’t break.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Bag Review

Fisher Price Fastfinder Dome Backpack Diaper Bag Black

The seams of the Fisher Price Fastfinder Dome Diaper Backpack are well stitched, so there is no danger of them giving up and opening at an inconvenient moment. Lastly, the plastic parts on the straps have been rigorously tested to ensure they won’t break or snap off when you tug on them, or when the bag is fully loaded.

All in all, the Fisher Price takes care to make lasting products, and they always deliver on their promises.


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Why you Should Buy the Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack:

Priced as the low-medium range, the Fisher Price diaper bag is quite an affordable product.

Not only that, but considering the materials used, the storage capacity, the craftsmanship and all of the good things we mentioned above, the product offers very high value for the money you will invest in it.

It is important to note that this bag is smaller in size than most backpack diaper bags, but it is still a decent size to fit all of your baby goodies for day outings.

With that being said, you should definitely check the Fisher Price Fastfinder Dome Backpack Diaper Bag out through this link, and maybe you will have found just the thing you’re looking for.

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