What Goes in a Diaper Bag? | A Super Handy Diaper Bag Checklist PDF!

Packing a diaper bag can be a bit of a daunting thing!  And I know from experience that it can be way to easy to fall into the booby-trap of packing everything in sight …. for fear of being caught away from home without the essentials!

What goes in a diaper bag can be a very personal thing!  I have learned over the years to reduce my diaper bag content size down to mostly just the essentials.  Somehow it just seems easier to find what you want when you don’t have to get lost in the mountain of supplies!  And this is where a diaper bag checklist truly becomes helpful!

Whats in my Diaper Bag - Baby Diaper Bag List

Whats in my Diaper Bag – Some of the items on our Baby Diaper Bag List

So if you are wondering what goes into a diaper bag, fear not because we have you covered in our diaper bag checklist!  Below is my personal list of what’s in my diaper bag!  It is a perfect mom and/or dad diaper bag checklist. The essentials list is a perfect newborn diaper bag checklist too!

And don’t forget to download and print out that baby bag checklist below!


Downloadable Baby Diaper Bag Checklist

If you are one of those mums that like to have things printed out and handy when you are packing your bag, you might like to click on this Baby Diaper Bag Checklist PDF that we created for you.  It contains the diaper bag essentials list as well as additional age-related items for bubs!  It is perfect as both a mommy or daddy diaper bag checklist!What's in my Diaper Bag 2017 - Printable Diaper Bags Checklist

Printable PDF of What all Goes in a Diaper Bag

So What is in my Diaper Bag?

Well, I’m Glad You Asked! Here is our Diaper Bag Checklist!

What Goes in a Diaper Bag? A Super Handy Diaper Bag Checklist!

What do I need in my diaper bag?  Grab our checklist for your diaper bag!

Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

We consider all of these items on our diaper bag list below as true diaper bag essentials!  You cannot possibly attempt to venture out into the world without them!  They are definitely handy baby items to have on hand at all times!!  So make sure to tick them off your diaper bag packing list as you go!

  • Diapers

Take at least one for every few hours – I also like to leave diapers in my car, and in the bottom of the pram as well, just in case!

  • Baby Wipes

Again I like to have several of those refillable boxes of wipes around various locations, they are essential for so many different situations.

  • Diaper Cream

Try to find a small pod of diaper cream that can live in your bag.  I just refill my little pod from the big jar I have at home, which works out cheaper.

  • Burp Cloths

I love using the old-school reusable cloth nappies as my burp cloths, cheap and super absorbent too!

  • Disposable Diaper Bags

Again an essential, so handy to chuck all your dirty nappies in to, but I also find them handy for popping dirty or soiled clothes into as well.  These are a great buy if you are after the disposable kind.

  • Changing Pad

I love having a changing pad in my bag, so much so that I recommend you invest in a great changing station, one of my favorites is this Skip Hop Duo Portable Changing Stations.  I use the changing pad no matter where I change my baby!

  • Spare Clothes for Baby

At least 2 sets of spare clothes are probably the save way to go.  I have even on occasion used up both my spare sets, fortunately, there is almost always a shop that sells baby clothes close by!

  • Pacifier (if your child uses one)

And a truly great accessory if your diaper bag doesn’t have an allocated pacifier pocket is this JJ Cole Pacifier Pods (Aren’t they bloody handy!)

  • Blanket

You can use it to cover your baby or as a changing pad, nursing cover, bib, shade, or burp cloth.  When it is summer, I’m a huge fan of the Muslim wraps, they are so handy and don’t take up much space at all!

  • Sunscreen

This is our all-time favorite brand here.

  • A good Sun Hat

Click here for a super adorable girl sun hat and hop over to this one if you are after a boy version!

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toys for comfort and distraction
  • A shirt for you

Because whether you want to admit it or not, at some stage, you will have boob leakage (if you are breastfeeding), or you will have baby spit-up all over you or even possibly some drips from that baby poop-explosion!

  • Nursing Cover (If you breastfeed)

When a baby is little you can get away with just using a muslin wrap or blanket to cover up whilst breastfeeding.  However as bubby grows and gets more handy with their hands, there is no way that that blanket will stay put.  An incredibly handy invention is the Nursing Covers and they become almost an essential item!  We truly love the style, design, and functionality of the Udder Covers.

Other Items that are Age-Dependent that you might like to Pack

You will also need various other items depending on what age your child is at.  What goes in the diaper bag that truly depends on the age of bub?

  • A bib or two
  • Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk
  • Sippy cup of milk, water, or juice
  • Snacks
  • Jar of baby food and a spoon.
  • Teething gel or rings


Click to Read our Best Backpack Diaper Bags Buying Guide


Extra Suggestions of What Goes in a Baby Diaper Bag:

The following goodies are truly handy to pack if you happen to have the space, but they are by no means ESSENTIAL.

Wet Bag

These wet bags are the bestsellers on Amazon.  They come in various different designs, colors and patterns.  Truly handy for popping any item inside that happens to be wet.

Insulated Bottle Bag

These are super handy if your diaper bags don’t have insulated pockets!  We are especially fond of the Skip Hop Duo Double Storage Bag as it also comes with stroller straps WHOOOP!!


What is the Best Backpack for Baby Stuff?

I (Sophia) absolutely love the Wallaroo Diaper Bag Backpack!  It is the one I personally use every day!

Hubby (Alex) swears by the DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag which is great for men!


And there you have it!  Add in your own personal items that you can’t live without and you are ready for the big wide world outside! We hope we have solved your question of what goes in a baby bag!  Have fun packing and do make sure you check back over your bag once in a while to restock and refresh your supplies!

I loved showing you what’s in my diaper bag!

Till next time!

xx Sophia

PS.  what’s in your diaper bag?  Did I miss anything that should be on this baby diaper bag list?

What Goes in a Diaper Bag? | A Super Handy Diaper Bag Checklist!
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