A Handy Checklist of What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Dad

Now, we all know that moms need to be ready with a hospital bag for delivery, but what about the dads?

Dads play an important, active part of the entire labor and delivery process. Often dads will stay over in the hospital as well, so it is best to be prepared. Below is a list of things you should pack in a dad’s hospital bag.


What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Dad

Dad Hospital Bag Checklist

1. Toothpaste, Mouthwash, and Gum

Dad’s will be face to face with mom at many times during the birth process. Fresh breath is best, as well as keeping clean teeth. We all know that smell is enhanced during pregnancy so make sure your breath is always minty fresh.

2. Medications for Both

If you or your partner take medication, it’s best to grab them as you pack. Hospitals do charge for medication whether you get it from the gift shop or on the labor and delivery ward. Also, make sure to take some normal pain medication such as panadol along as well.

3. Plenty of Snacks

Snacks are a great thing to pack to keep your energy boosted for the process. Light snacks that are not too heavy will keep you going such as crackers, energy bars, and trail mixes. Stay away from foods that make you sluggish.

4. A Comfortable Pillow

Mom will need all of her pillows and some hospitals won’t give you one if you’re not a patient. Even if they do, hospital pillows are uncomfortable so, bring a comfy pillow from home.

5. Entertainment for You

Bring something with that you can use as entertainment if mom falls asleep (or gets sedated).  Books, DVD player, laptop, magazines, or whatever you enjoy doing.

6. Change/Coins for Vending Machines

Make sure to have some cash and coins on hand that you can use to grab some quick snacks or drinks from the vending machines.

7. Change of Underwear

Bring a change of underwear to keep fresh and clean, especially if you have to stay the night (plus you never know how long the labor will last). Pack more clothes if the mom is having a C-section as you’ll want to stay a few nights more with her.

8. Shirt for Pictures

It is always a great idea to have a spare shirt in your bag.  You never know what you might get on yourself during the labor process and I’m sure that you will want to look nice and clean for that very first father and baby photos.

9. Water Bottle

Most likely you haven’t thought about staying hydrated. Bring bottled water, light non-alcoholic or non-carbonated drinks with you. The little disposable cups at the hospital are teeny tiny – so best to bring a large refillable water bottle with you instead.

10. Bathing Suit

A lot of moms find that water helps with the pain of labor.  You might find yourself in the shower or in the bath, so best to have a bathing suit on hand.

11. Sweater or Sweatshirt

Either a sweater or sweatshirt is a good addition to your pack list because hospitals are very cold at times. Also, mom may need the room cold as she may get very hot during labor and delivery.

12. Video Camera, Camera, Chargers, and Batteries

Since you’ll want to remember the entire process, it’s best to bring a camera or video camera, chargers and batteries so that you’ll have lasting memories.

13. Cell Phone and Charger

Whether you have a large or small family everyone anticipates the arrival of a new baby. You’ll have to make several calls informing them of the great news that your little bundle of joy has arrived and to update them on mom’s status as well. Make sure to bring your wall charger so your phone is fully charged.

14. Massage Oil

Massages are great for expectant moms. Bring massage oil to give her a massage to reduce stress in her muscles and make her more relaxed.

15. Music

Music usually helps to make any situation go seamlessly smooth. Some people prefer a wide variety of genres of music to listen to.

16. A Large Warm Pack

Lower back pains are very common during labor.  Whilst the hospitals typically have warm packs on hand, they are small and rather useless.  If you can find a lovely large warm pack – pack it in.  You can ask the nurses to warm it up for mom (or they might show you how to do it so you can do it yourself).

17. A Push Present

This trend has been growing more and more as of recently. Dads are now giving moms-to-be presents after they’ve given birth and the newborn arrives. A variety of gift options are endlessly available for gifting mom such as gift certificates, jewelry and much more. She’ll certainly appreciate the gesture.

The hospital dad bag can be something as simple as a backpack, duffel bag or rolling bag. We have a great list of masculine diaper bags for dads to browse here. A worthwhile investment to grab a diaper bag as you will need one after the baby is born.  Pack up your bag a few weeks ahead of time and you will be ready to rock-and-roll as soon as the labor starts.

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