The Ultimate List of Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials

It is a good idea to completely repack and organize your bag once your baby hits the toddler years. 

Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials

I’m sure that you will find that your piles of nappies might be replaced by piles of toys. The number of bottles you require in a day will decrease but the number of snacks you take along might multiply.

I highly recommend that you completely empty your diaper bag. Get rid of all the items that you haven’t used in a long time and let’s add in some additions that are perfect for those toddler years.  Here is our list of toddler diaper bag essentials that you should pack.

List of Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials

Before we start with the list, I wanted to share a tip with you all.  After raising three kids, I have realized how much more sense it makes to have a backpack style diaper bag rather than a shoulder one. Especially when you get to the toddler years where you will be bending over to help your child walk, to hold their hand and to chase them … never mind having to deal with those awful floor tantrums.

Do yourself a favor and visit on our guide to help you find the best backpack for diaper bag needs.

1. Diapers 

You will still need some diapers, but the number you need per day should be less. I like to have 5 diapers in my bag for my toddler.

2. Underwear

Might not be necessary yet, but eventually your will potty-train your toddler. At that point, it would be a good idea to keep 2-3 pairs of underwear in the diaper bag.

3. Wipes

Wipes are always invaluable, no matter what age your kids are!  Toddlers get messy, eating is messy, playing is messy and you will use the wipes for so much more than simply diaper changes.

4. Changing Pad

I barely use my changing pad now that my son is a toddler.  The changing pad is a bit too small for him, but I still like to leave it in the bag as every now and then we come across a situation where I need it for a quick diaper change.  You might find that you can take it out of the bag completely.  If you haven’t used it forever, just get rid of it.  For me, it is more peace of mind to include it.

5. Extra Change of Clothes

I always have an extra change of clothes for my son in the diaper bag.  I tend to have the set in a ziplock bag so that I can use the bag to pop the dirty clothes into. If you are potty training your child, I would highly recommend that you have at least 3 pairs of shorts/pants/skirts in your bag.

6. Sippy Cup

A sippy cup will probably mostly have replaced your bottles by now.  If you do still use bottles as well, don’t forget to pack one of those in as well.  We love these two-handle no-spill sippy cups.

7. Snacks

Snacks are fabulous! They can keep toddlers busy (think sultanas in a box), they can help calm down the tantrums (yes this is called bribery) and it can keep them happy in a car when they get bored.  I find that my toddler chops and changes so quickly with which snacks she tends to like on a day, so I like to have at least 3 choices of snacks in my bag for her.

8. Toys

Have a range of toys in your bag for your child.  And do take the time to swap these out every now and then so that they don’t get bored with them.

9. Coloring Book and Crayons

We love having coloring things on hand.  Super helpful in restaurants or whilst waiting at the doctor.

10. Natural Sanitizer Spray

Toddlers touch everything in sight. My son once brought me dog poo that he found on the floor in the playground.  Granted it was dried up, old poo so it kinda looked like a rock, but it was still poo.  Great to have some hand sanitizer on hand so you can clean them up before passing them a snack. We like this organic lavender hand sanitizer spray.

11. A Sunhat

I like to have a sunhat in my bag – no matter what season it is.  The hat can be really useful for keeping the sun out their eyes during naps in the stroller. They don’t take up much room, so best to it.

Is there anything I forgot? What is something you simply have to have in your diaper bag for your toddler?