Super Duper Handy Baby Beach Bag Checklist

With summer just around the corner, I thought it was about time that I compiled a handy checklist of items to pack for your beach outing with your baby. 

The trick to your baby beach bag is to pack the essentials, but being aware not to overpack for the outing as well.  Let’s face it, you will need to potentially carry your baby, your baby beach bag, plus a bag for yourself over beach sand.  Bit of a challenge!  This is why we prefer to pack all of our baby’s beach gear into a backpack style diaper bag instead. That way we can carry the baby beach gear on our bags and still have our hands free as well.

Find below our list of essential items to pack in your baby beach diaper bag.


What to Pack in your Baby Beach Diaper Bag

What to pack in baby beach bag

1. A Broad-Rimmed Sunhat

Since a baby’s skin is still in its ultra-sensitive phase, you’ll want to bring a hat to the beach.  Remember that you can’t use sunscreen on a baby under the age of 6-months, so you really want to go the extra mile to protect them from the sun. The bigger the brim of the hat, the better!

2. A Rashie

Rashies are great for two reasons.  The first and most obvious reason is that they help to protect your baby from the sun.  Invest in a cover-up that has a UPF rating of at least 30+.

The second benefit of a rashie is that it helps to protect baby from elements such as sand that can irritate their skin.

3. SPF Bathing Suit

Don’t just buy any cheap baby swimsuit, invest in a good quality swimsuit that offers some SPF protection. It is also important to find a swimsuit that is made from a softer material.

4. Baby Sunglasses

Baby Playing on Beach

Keep baby’s eyes happy and protected with some baby sunglasses.  You can find some great quality sunglasses that will offer plenty of protection for babies eyes. We love the ones that wrap around baby’s head with elastic to ensure that they stay put.

5. Swimming Diapers

Obviously, it is essential to bring along diapers that can handle the water.  You will need to decide whether you will want to use disposable swim diapers or if you would prefer a reusable swim diaper.

We typically pack the disposable type so that we can quickly rip them off and throw them away in a bin.

6. Baby-Friendly Sunscreen

If your baby is 6 months and older, you should also pack some baby-friendly sunscreen. We love the Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen brand. It has an SPF 50+ rating and we love that the ingredients in this sunscreen are all safe to use on a baby. You can read all the parents’ reviews on this sunscreen here.

7. Diaper Clutch

Leave your big diaper bag at home and grab your diaper clutch instead.  These are so handy as they have a changing pad and an area to store some diapers and wipes.

8. Hooded Beach Towel

Baby in Hooded Beach Towel

We loved hooded baby towels. It just makes it so much easier to wrap baby up and dry them off. They are also fabulous for windy beach days as well, to help keep baby warm and cozy.

9. Wet Bag

Things will get wet. Wet bags are fabulous as they are reusable.  Simply pop the wet items inside, zip them up and throw it in your beach bag.

10. Baby Powder

One of those fabulous baby beach hacks! Before using a towel to rub off the sand from your baby’s arms and legs, liberally pour on some baby powder first.  The baby powder will help the sand come off without irritating your baby’s skin.  Try it out, it is like magic!

11. Spare Clothes in Ziplock Bag

I’m sure you never leave home without some spare baby clothes.  Important though to pop the clothes in a ziplock bag.  The bag will ensure that the clean clothes stay sand-free.

12. No-Sand Beach Blanket

Forget about lying down on towels, grab a decent-sized no-sand waterproof blanket instead.

13. Baby Formulae/Food/Snacks

Don’t forget to pack food, formulae, and snacks for your baby.  If you are breastfeeding it is also important to pack snacks for yourself, in order to keep the supply up.

14. Water/Sippy Cup/Bottles

Don’t forget to bring along sterilized water for the baby bottles, as well as some drinking water for yourself.

15. Toys in Mesh Bags

Don’t forget to pack some toys for baby.  We love packing our toys in cheap mesh washing bags.  That way we can shake the sand loose from the toys to prevent us from dragging the whole beach home with us.

16. Disposable Tidy Bags

We find disposable diaper tidy bags so handy.  Great for dirty diapers, but also fabulous for dirty clothes, or half-eaten snacks.

And one last tip, if you know that you will regularly go to the beach with your baby this summer, think about leaving your baby beach bag packed and ready to go.  Top it up with the necessities when you get home whilst your brain is still fresh from what you used during your outing.

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