Top Tips on How to Pack your Diaper Bag for Efficiency

Are you getting frustrated with your diaper bag? Haven’t worked out a packing system that keeps life easy and organized?

Top Tips for Packing a Diaper Bag

Today we want to share our top diaper bag packing tips with you.  Hopefully one of them with resonate with you for to take on board.


Top Tips for Packing your Diaper Bag

1. Purchase the Right Style Diaper Bag for You!

It is important to make a smart choice about the kind of bag that will suit your specific style and needs. A diaper bag is something that can make parenting during those first years easier or harder. The right bag should make packing a breeze, with just the right amount of space and pockets to organize all of the baby items that you will require for your outings.

Here are some things that you might want to think about:

  • Make sure the diaper bag has lots of pockets and compartments.  This will make it easy to stay organized and it will be easier to find items in a hurry without having to tumble out the entire content of the diaper bag.
  • Make sure that the interior lining of your bag is a light color. It is easier to find items against a cream lining than a black one.  Yes, you will also see dirt easier on the light color so make sure that the lining is easy to clean whilst you are at it.
  • Look out for a diaper bag that has a “mommy pocket” where you can keep your own items. It is really helpful to have a pocket so you can easily pay for items, reach for your phone or grab your keys to unlock the car.

We personally find backpack style bags the easiest the use.  You can find a list of all the top diaper bag backpacks here.

2. Pre-Portion Each Bottle and Use a Formula Dispenser

We always have our bottles ready to go.  We will pre-measure boiled water and pour it into our bottles so that it is ready to go. We will also pre-portion our formula into formula dispensers so you can simply tip in the pre-measured out amount into the bottles, shake it up and you are ready to go. Always make sure you take along more bottles than you think you will need.

3. Prevent Leaks

If you are packing items that might potentially spill, it might be a good idea to pack them in a ziplock bag.  I can’t even tell you how many times I had a sticky mess in my diaper bag from medicine leaking or from sunscreen squeezing out.

4. Include a Diaper Bag Caddy

If you are using a bag that has a wide opening, you might also like to make use of a diaper caddy.  Probably more practical for those of you who use a shoulder bag.  A diaper caddy can be super useful for compartmentalizing all the baby items so that they are easier and quicker to find. It will also help to keep your diaper bag tidy and organized as well.

5. Categories Smaller Items into Clear Bags

Smaller items always tend to disappear … never to be found ever again.  We find that it is easier to categorize those items and to store them in clear containers or bags. Pop all your feeding items together in a container. The diaper change items can go together in another and your medications can go together.

It really makes life so much easier if you can simply pull out the correct container that has everything you need, rather than digging around trying to find a spoon or dropper etc.

And there you have our top tips for packing a diaper bag.  Do you have any that you can share with us? Did you find any of the tips above useful?